exporting mbox archives from pipermail

I just stumbled over this, and I find it totally worth writing up. You can directly export a pipermail archive in mbox format. This means that it’’s no longer a major problem to change a mailing list hoster, you can just grab the archives and have the new one import it, so that the complete history remains in one place (ok, there often are public archives as well, but they are not yours - the pipermail one usually is, and it should be!).

The magic URL is:


You go to that URL as adapted for your mailing list, log in, then go back to that URL (it usually redirects you somewhere else) and there you go, the download starts. I”m totally happy about this feature.

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  1. Vitalie Ciubotaru Says:

    Magnificent! I was looking for a way to download all messages posted before I had subscribed to the list. I didn””t work exactly smoothly. First, the page asked for authorization. It wasn””t totally unexpected, but I didn””t remember the password I had received upon subscription. Then it tried to display the contents of the archive right in the browser. I count find any better than create a blank html page with this link, open it in the browser where I authorized, right-click on the link and save the target file. Still saving… :-)

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