Cython on Android

I just took a quick glance at the source code of kivy. It seems that “Python on Android” is brought to you by “Cython on Android”.

2 Responses to “Cython on Android”

  1. Simon Davy Says:

    As I understand it, it”’’s still running cpython on android, but interfaces with the Android c-level NDK (hence the cython) rather than the Java SDK.

    I believe it uses cython to wrap a lot of platform-specific interfaces for *every* supported platforms (win/lin/mac and android), to the cython is less of an android artefact and more of a cross-platform strategy. Just what I understand from playing with it, mind…

  2. Stefan Behnel Says:

    Sure, I didn””t say CPython was out of the loop. But Cython handles most of the interfacing.

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