No Cython talk at PyCon-US 2014

I recently got the rejection notice for the Cython talk I had submitted to next year`s PyCon-”US” (in MontrĂ©al). Since none of the Cython core developers had ever managed to go to that conference before, and thus Cython had never had a well founded talk there (and only one talk during the last years that at least mentioned it in its title), I had hoped to catch up with that a bit and give a general overview of what Cython is and when and how to use it for speeding up Python code or for talking to external libraries.

It`s sad to get such a talk rejected, but what`s really worse was their reasoning. It was rejected due to potential lack of interest, completely misjudging it as an “internals” talk for some reason. Seriously? Lack of interest in the most widely used static Python compiler? In the only Python AoT compiler that has a substantial user base? And that loads and loads of people in the Scientific Python community use for their high performance calculations?

Instead, the list of accepted talks includes major Python topics like Lisp, JavaScript and Garbage Collectors. I`m sure those will attract a much broader audience at a Python conference than a niche topic like, you know, speeding up Python code.

10 Responses to “No Cython talk at PyCon-US 2014”

  1. Jeff Laughlin Says:

    So who do we petition to revisit this decision?

  2. Jeff Says:

    Please email and ask for a Cython talk!

  3. Achim Says:

    I hope to see your talk at Europython 2014 ;-)

  4. Robert Says:

    Makes no sense….

  5. Nick Coghlan Says:

    I realised recently that the discoverability of “better ways to build C extensions” was actually really bad, along with a notable lack of official documentation on their benefits and limitations. I””ve now added appropriate notes at the beginning of the extending & embedding guide in the 2.x and 3.x docs that link out to the new overview page I created in the Python Packaging User”’’s Guide:

    That”’’s unfortunately too little, too late to help you make the case for inclusion in the PyCon 2014 program, but hopefully it will be beneficial in explaining Cython”’’s significance to program committee members if you make a submission to EuroPython, PyCon 2015, or other regional conferences.

  6. Jeff Says:

    How about a lightning talk at least?

  7. Richard Says:

    Darn, that is a shame. cython is such an amazing tool. Light years ahead of other tools for doing things with C (and I””ve used most, if not all, of them over the last decade and a half). I hope you can at least get in with a lightning talk!

  8. Wichert Akkerman Says:

    That guide should probably mention boost.python as well; Cython is still lacking in C++ support, and boost.python is still a popular choice.

  9. Peter Says:

    That”’’s really unfortunate; I couldn””t imagine scientific computing in Python without Cython.

  10. Stefan Behnel Says:

    Thanks for everyone`s support! :)
    However, having no accepted talk makes it less likely for me to join in for the conference at all (it becomes a lot more expensive, for one, but (more importantly) also way less interesting overall). It`s currently getting more likely that I`ll drop the PyCon-US and just go to EuroPython, which is way less hassle for me anyway.

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