No Cython talk at PyCon-US 2014

I recently got the rejection notice for the Cython talk I had submitted to next year`s PyCon-"US" (in Montréal). Since none of the Cython core developers had ever managed to go to that conference before, and thus Cython had never had a well founded talk there (and only one talk during the last years that at least mentioned it in its title), I had hoped to catch up with that a bit and give a general overview of what Cython is and when and how to use it for speeding up Python code or for talking to external libraries.

It`s sad to get such a talk rejected, but what`s really worse was their reasoning. It was rejected due to potential lack of interest, completely misjudging it as an "internals" talk for some reason. Seriously? Lack of interest in the most widely used static Python compiler? In the only Python AoT compiler that has a substantial user base? And that loads and loads of people in the Scientific Python community use for their high performance calculations?

Instead, the list of accepted talks includes major Python topics like Lisp, JavaScript and Garbage Collectors. I`m sure those will attract a much broader audience at a Python conference than a niche topic like, you know, speeding up Python code.